Critical Infrastructure

In today's world, the security and resilience of critical infrastructure are paramount. At BP Tech Solutions, we understand the significance of safeguarding these vital assets. Our Critical Infrastructure Solutions are meticulously designed to address the unique challenges faced by sectors responsible for essential services. Welcome to a realm where security meets innovation, where safeguarding critical assets is our top priority.


Strategic and Public Facilities Monitoring

Solution Exclusive

Enhance the security and resilience of strategic and public facilities in specific locations with our renowned digital presence service.

Leveraging a vast network of smart devices' location data, this solution offers real-time intelligence analysis, processing billions of daily events worldwide. Designed for government agencies and companies responsible for safeguarding critical assets and public access facilities, it provides invaluable insights into population movements, behavioral patterns, and demographic trends within targeted locations. The solution offers detailed historical analysis of specific sites and devices, enriched with demographic and behavioral data, enabling comprehensive studies of the dynamics of individuals, groups, and networks of interest.

A critical tool for intelligence and operational planning, it ensures the safety and continuity of critical facilities.

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Enhanced Contraband Detection System

Solution Exclusive

Our Enhanced Contraband Detection system is engineered to fortify security measures for strategic infrastructure and public facilities.

This multifaceted solution has found valuable applications in safeguarding critical assets. It seamlessly integrates advanced location data analysis for operations planning, optimizing timing and location. Combined with tools like the Handheld X-Ray Backscatter Imaging System and the portable Narcotics and Explosives Analyzer for field agents, this solution provides a comprehensive approach to detection, empowering security forces to proactively target and detect potential threats with precision and improved operational planning.

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Strategic Infrastructure Surveillance Drones


Elevate security for strategic infrastructure with our specialized range of high-precision unmanned aerial systems (UAS) and advanced drone countermeasures technologies.

Our UAS are meticulously designed for surveillance and ISR missions, offering unmatched portability, rapid deployment, and vertical takeoff and landing capabilities. Configurations include enhanced autonomy as well as sophisticated systems to detect non-authorized activity along routes and specific locations, ensuring the utmost security for critical installations and sensitive areas. These solutions are tailor-made for applications requiring elevated aerial surveillance mechanisms.

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Near Field Threat Detection System (NFTD)

Solution Exclusive

Our cutting-edge threat detection system, driven by artificial intelligence, is engineered to bolster safety in crowded open spaces, prioritizing strategic infrastructure and public facilities.

Leveraging advanced electromagnetic imaging and AI technology, it enables real-time, remote scanning of individuals to detect different devices, including weapons, to enhance public safety. With wide spatial coverage, high precision, and multi-angle views, it operates seamlessly both indoors and outdoors. The system is designed to be autonomous, non-intrusive, and circumvents critical bottlenecks in control reviews, ensuring security while preserving personal freedoms.

This versatile system finds applications in various commercial, industrial, and public environments, fortifying safety measures across strategic infrastructure and public facilities.

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Integral Public Facilities Access Management

Solution Exclusive

Our comprehensive suite of security and access management solutions includes the Secure Access Control System, designed to fortify security measures for strategic infrastructure and public facilities.

This ecosystem of devices and IoT technology and personal identifications ensures real-time management and regulation of staff and visitor movement, guaranteeing enhanced facility security. Offering reliable access point security, it streamlines site management and boosts the productivity of security and control personnel. 

Equipped with real-time checkpoint screening, biometric access, data reporting, fire safety measures, and credential issuing, this solution provides a comprehensive approach to access management and personnel registration, all aligned with current regulations.

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