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Experience unwavering protection and peace of mind with BP Tech Solutions' Private Security offerings. Our comprehensive solutions are designed to safeguard your assets, operations, and personnel, ensuring a secure environment where you can focus on what matters most. Welcome to a world where security meets excellence.


Trust Clearance System (SCI)

Solution Exclusive

Leveraging our exclusive Trust System (SCI), we introduce an unalterable solution meticulously crafted for rigorous internal affairs control and recruitment processes.

With a commitment to maintaining the highest standards of integrity and reliability, this 100% automated solution encompasses identity authentication, risk diagnosis, extensive background checks, and personal data verification, including socio-economic and psychometric evaluations for key personnel. Utilizing advanced analytics without any result alteration, it meticulously evaluates potential risks, making it indispensable for security and protection of personnel, preserving an environment of unparalleled trust and productivity.

Whether in critical internal affairs, selection, or recruitment processes, our solution remains fully automated, ensuring unwavering accuracy and reliability throughout.

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Enhanced Detection of Restricted Items

Solution Exclusive

Designed for private security activities, it is a comprehensive tool to effectively identify and manage the risks of items entering controlled areas. 

This advanced solution includes a portable X-ray backscatter imaging system and a portable narcotics and explosives analyzer, allowing private security personnel to efficiently detect illegal items in various environments. It is particularly suitable for protecting corporate venues, private events and high-profile properties, providing an essential layer of security against illicit arms and narcotics trafficking. 

This system improves the overall ability of private security teams to safeguard the interests of their clients.

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Secure Access Control System


This ecosystem of devices and IoT is designed to manage and regulate the movement of staff and visitors in real time, guaranteeing greater security of the facilities. 

Together, they provide reliable access point security, aiding efficient site management and productivity of security and control staff. Equipped with real-time checkpoint screening, biometric access, data reporting and fire safety measures, these systems are robust and durable.

We offer simple configuration and support, along with integration capabilities, and are available in both cloud and on-premise deployment options.

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Digital Registry of Security Personnel

Solution Exclusive

Based on an advanced platform, this solution is designed for the efficient and secure registration of private security personnel in accordance with the Unique Personal Identification Card.

It collects comprehensive data that includes personal identification, biometric information, contact details, educational and professional history and specific security training in accordance with current regulations in Mexico. The service ensures secure data handling, real-time updates and quick access to personnel records, improving management and regulatory compliance of the private security workforce. 

This digital solution simplifies administrative tasks and supports effective supervision of security personnel.

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Self-Declaration of Incidents (SCI)


With advanced lie detection technology based on our Comprehensive Trust System (SCI), this solution provides an advanced and secure platform for staff to autonomously report incidents.

By integrating lie detection to ensure the authenticity of statements, combined with identity verification and risk analysis, it offers a fast and reliable method of determining liability. It employs in-depth analysis to assess the credibility of self-reported incidents, helping organizations maintain a safe and reliable operating environment.

This system is crucial for proactive incident management and integrity assessment, reinforcing security measures in companies.

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