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Move forward with certainty – Our services range from comprehensive identity authentication and in-depth background checks, to advanced electronic device forensics and counter-surveillance measures. We are committed to maintaining a safe and reliable environment for all our clients, addressing both their corporate and personal needs.

Trust Clearance System (SCI)

Solution Exclusive

Our fully automated solution presents a seamless, all-encompassing framework for identity authentication and risk diagnosis. 

Tailored for organizations striving to establish or enhance safety protocols across their staff and operations, this service conducts extensive background checks, personal data verification, socio-economic evaluations, and psychometric assessments for key personnel. Employing advanced analytics, it rigorously evaluates potential risks, both online and in-person, without any alteration of results, ensuring unwavering levels of integrity and reliability among individuals involved in sensitive operations. 

This indispensable service is mission-critical for organizations dedicated to fortifying their operations and cultivating an unwavering environment of trust, with every result remaining 100% automated and unaltered.

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Electronic Device Management (EDM)


Our comprehensive EDM service is a game-changer in electronic and mobile device monitoring, security, and predictive maintenance.

With the power to remotely block devices in case of security threats, you gain unparalleled control and peace of mind. Advanced location services enable real-time tracking and geofencing capabilities, complete with instant notifications for enhanced security. Manage installed apps with ease, ensuring compliance and productivity across your device ecosystem. Additionally, our service grants you full control over content access and monitoring, providing a comprehensive solution for maintaining device integrity and safeguarding sensitive data.

Elevate your device management with our EDM and experience the future of device management and security.

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Personnel Management Intelligence Platform (TIMS)

Service Exclusive

In the dynamic landscape of human resources, success depends on data-driven decisions and the ability to harness precise insights.

BP Tech Solutions introduces a holistic platform designed to empower HR professionals with a suite of advanced services and cutting-edge analysis and visualization tools. Our integrated approach harnesses the global power of data association processes and advanced intelligence analysis platforms. Processing high volumes of data, it provides profound insights into available profiles within the organization, skills and compliance.

This indispensable tool is meticulously tailored for organizations striving to gain a competitive edge in talent management through strategic intelligence and operational planning, guaranteeing accuracy and reliability in every facet of HR decision-making.

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Automated Background Checks


This service generates comprehensive reports by analyzing criminal, employment, educational and credit histories. 

This automated process provides a detailed report for each individual, offering a thorough and reliable evaluation of their background. Ideal for employers, landlords and security checks, the service ensures an agile and efficient way to obtain a detailed digital report, crucial for making informed decisions in various professional and personal contexts..





Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM)


Our corporate-focused service, now with enhanced Wi-Fi network vulnerability assessment, delivers comprehensive protection against unauthorized digital access and physical surveillance threats. 

Tailored for corporate environments, this service includes detection and neutralization of unsecured Wi-Fi access points and hidden surveillance and tracking devices like microphones, cameras and GPS. Our expert team conducts meticulous radio frequency and local network sweeps, employing cutting-edge technology to safeguard corporate privacy and secure confidential business communications. 

This premium service is crucial for maintaining a secure and private corporate space.

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