Strategic Intelligence Division

Navigate with knowledge – We provide comprehensive services for the generation and analysis of deep intelligence, as well as sophisticated systems for analyzing complex data scenarios. We specialize in providing accurate, actionable information, emphasizing efficiency in data integration, investigation, and robust digital security. Our commitment to delivering world-class solutions across multiple industries supports informed decision-making and strategic planning.


Next Generation Intelligence Platform

Product Exclusive

This high-performance enterprise platform that leverages graph intelligence is designed to analyze large volumes of connected data from diverse sources.

Powered by next-generation technology, it delivers fast queries, intuitive visualizations, and robust analytics to quickly uncover insights in complex scenarios. It is ideal for applications such as link and network detection around activities of interest, including temporal and geographic analysis capabilities.

With its easy-to-use interface, this tool excels at revealing hidden connections in complex data sets, making it an invaluable asset for strategic decision making in various industries.

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Remote Digital Presence Detection and Ranging (R3DAR)

Service Exclusive

Our renowned digital presence service leverages vast amounts of smart devices’ location data for intelligence analysis, processing billions of daily events around the world. 

This service is essential for intelligence agencies and organizations that need deep insights into population movements, behavioral patterns and demographic trends. Normalized data enables detailed historical analysis of specific locations and devices, enriched with demographic and behavioral data, enabling comprehensive studies of the dynamics of people, groups and networks of interest.

R3DAR is a critical tool for strategic intelligence and operational planning.

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Customized Cybersecurity Services


Our service is designed to provide organizations with a comprehensive security solution against cyber threats. 

It combines cutting-edge technology with security information and event management (SIEM) to deliver a robust and effective defense mechanism. This service includes continuous monitoring, early threat detection, and is designed to fit businesses of all sizes. 

It is aimed at organizations seeking to improve their cybersecurity measures and ensure compliance with various security regulations, making it an essential tool for maintaining a strong and secure digital environment.

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Cybernetic Intelligence Unit (CIU)


Our own multidisciplinary team offers specialized complex data integration, analysis and investigation services for a variety of sectors. 

By using cutting-edge methods and technologies to process and interpret large data sets, focusing on data mining, pattern recognition and predictive analytics. Our goal is to provide comprehensive and practical information for informed decision making and strategic planning. 

This service is ideal for organizations that require a deep understanding of complex scenarios and potential threats, helping them navigate and respond effectively in a dynamic, information-rich environment.

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Enhanced Data Services (EDS)

Service Exclusive

We have a wide collection of data services that offer a comprehensive approach to collecting, analyzing and verifying available personal and business data, specializing in associating and matching open source intelligence with official records, ensuring accuracy and reliability.

This service is invaluable for detailed background checks, personal profiling, and in-depth investigations. 

EDS provides verified data by associating and correlating public records, warning lists, legal procedures, social media activity and other available data with official sources, providing a robust and reliable intelligence framework for various decision-making contexts.

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Device Forensic Analysis


We offer an extensive data extraction, decoding, and analysis for various digital devices. 

Our forensics service caters to a range of devices including mobile phones, drones, IoT devices, computers, and wearables, ideal for law enforcement and corporate investigations. The service includes deep analysis tools and efficient data export, making it a comprehensive solution for investigating digital evidence in a secure and thorough manner.

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Personal Services

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Equipment Leasing

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