Advanced Equipment Division

Gain the tactical advantage – We excel in advanced tactical equipment, with a focus on AI-powered security systems and handheld scanners for threat and contraband identification. The Division specializes in providing equipment for the detection of narcotics and explosives, along with aerial surveillance drones and mobile phone tracking, all aimed at effective security and operational support in various environments.

Near Field Threat Detection System (NFTD)

Product Exclusive

This advanced threat detection system based on artificial intelligence is designed to improve the safety of crowds in open spaces.

Using advanced electromagnetic imaging and artificial intelligence technology, it allows people to be scanned remotely and in real time to reinforce public safety. The technology features wide spatial coverage, high precision, multi-angle views and is operational both indoors and outdoors. The system is autonomous, non-intrusive and avoids critical bottlenecks in security reviews, guaranteeing protection while respecting personal freedoms.

This system is applicable in various educational, commercial, industrial and public spaces.

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Handheld Narcotics and Explosives Analyzer

Product Exclusive

This advanced equipment, unique on the market, uses high-resolution ion mobility spectrometry (IMS) technology, with vapor, trace and mass sampling modes. 

It is designed for the detection and identification of a wide variety of explosives and narcotics, including fentanyl, making it an essential tool for control personnel and law enforcement in the fight against drug-related incidents and impacts on public safety. 

Easy to use, low maintenance and cost effective, it is suitable for various security and protection operations.

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Security and Surveillance Drones


We have a specialized range of high-precision unmanned aerial systems (UAS) and advanced drone countermeasures technologies. 

Our UAS are designed for surveillance and ISR missions, and feature portability, rapid deployment, and vertical takeoff and landing capabilities. Configurations include enhanced autonomy as well as sophisticated systems to detect and neutralize unauthorized or hostile drones, ensuring the security of strategic installations and sensitive areas.

These solutions are ideal for applications requiring enhanced aerial surveillance and proactive drone defense mechanisms.

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Handheld X-Ray Backscatter Imaging System

Product Exclusive

This portable X-ray scanner is designed for safe and efficient inspections of luggage, vehicles and packages. 

It excels at detecting items such as contraband, drugs, explosives and weapons. The scanner features a high-resolution color screen, a robust housing, and wireless connectivity for easy image transfer. 

Ergonomically designed for ease of use, it is ideal for customs, security checkpoints and police operations, offering real-time contactless imaging capabilities, even through materials such as steel, as well as lead countermeasures detection.

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Secure Access Control


This ecosystem of devices and IoT is designed to manage and regulate the movement of staff and visitors in real time, guaranteeing greater security of the facilities.

Together, they provide reliable access point security, aiding efficient site management and productivity of security and control staff. Equipped with real-time checkpoint screening, biometric access, data reporting and fire safety measures, these systems are robust and durable.

They offer simple configuration and support, along with integration capabilities, and are available in both cloud and on-premise deployment options.

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Sistemas de Detección e Intercepción de Señales (SIGInt)


These advanced devices and their various configurations are designed for the precise location and retention of mobile phones in environments such as ground and aerial operations, including search and rescue. 

Using an array of antennas, channels and unique geolocation methods based on GPS and cellular protocols, it can detect a large number of active phones at extended ranges. Features include automated mass mapping and geofencing, quickly and accurately, improving results in various conditions. 

It is ideal for search, rescue and border security applications, and can be integrated with different aerial platforms and UAS systems.

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