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Our advanced services redefine Institutional possibilities, seamlessly integrating cutting-edge solutions to boost your performance with precision and trust.

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Our approach unlocks the potential of information, embracing innovation and trust for a future defined by the highest standards of resilience and performance.

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Our solutions create a realm of innovation, redefining the possibilities for a resilient and secure future. At BP Tech Solutions, every sector finds a strategic partner.

Government & Defense

Holistic national security solutions and defense technologies.

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Security and Protection

End-to-end security services adapted to the needs of the private sector.

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Critical Infrastructure

Comprehensive safeguarding of facilities and strategic infrastructure.

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Law Enforcement

Cutting-edge technology for public security and law enforcement agencies.

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Corporate and Business

Innovative solutions that promote resilience and business continuity.

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Financial Services

Advanced solutions for the unique needs of financial institutions.

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Amplify intelligence, build trust, empower security.

At BP Tech Solutions, we amplify intelligence with real-time insights, forge trust with compliance expertise, and empower security with cutting-edge tools. We are your strategic ally for a future where technology knows no boundaries.

Where excellence meets innovation.

Explore our featured services, each designed to take your organization to new heights. Whether you're looking for cutting-edge solutions to make informed decisions, advanced tools and equipment, or unwavering trust and security, our offering fits your unique needs.

Near Field Threat Detection System (NFTD)

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By protecting large spaces from potential threats, this cutting-edge technology ensures greater security with real-time and remote detection capabilities for edged weapons and firearms, creating a powerful shield against potential risks. Welcome to a new standard of protection.

Enhanced Contraband Detection

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Designed for quick and accurate identification, it empowers frontline detection and law enforcement. Enter a new era of proactive security, where precision meets urgency in the fight against threats from substances like fentanyl and gun trafficking.

Digital Vulnerability Assessment (DVA)

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Our services empower people by identifying potential risks and vulnerabilities in their digital environment. Get critical information about the level of exposure of your data, devices and communications, to make informed decisions and adopt safe practices.

Trust Clearance System (SCI)

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By revealing the truth at every moment, our trust monitoring services redefine the pursuit of honesty. With our advanced technology, we provide fast, accurate and reliable results, enhancing investigations and promoting transparency.

Strategic Intelligence

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Navigate with knowledge. Our Strategic Intelligence Division provides clear, real-time decision-making guidance, ensuring organizations stay ahead in today's dynamic landscape. Discover new paths to effectiveness through informed strategies.

Advanced Equipment

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Gain the tactical advantage. Our Advanced Equipment Division provides state-of-the-art tools adapted to specific needs. From advanced communication to security solutions, we power operations for optimal performance.

Trust Control

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Move forward with certainty. In an uncertain world, our Trust Control Division streamlines authentication processes, guaranteeing transparency and objectivity. Build trusted relationships securely with our compliance and diligence expertise.

Personal Services

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Explore cutting-edge solutions tailored to your personal needs, allowing you to protect and thrive in an ever-changing digital environment.

Equipment Leasing

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Our offerings are designed to equip your operations with the latest tools, ensuring you are prepared for any challenge.

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