Near Field Threat Detection System (NFTD)

By protecting large spaces from potential threats, this cutting-edge technology ensures greater security with real-time and remote detection capabilities for edged weapons and firearms, creating a powerful shield against potential risks. Welcome to a new standard of protection.

Our exclusive technology in the advanced security market is based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and focused on improving security in public spaces. It features real-time crowd scanning capabilities without disrupting the flow of pedestrians and effectively detects a variety of threats, including non-metallic and unconventional weapons.

Wide-Open Area Coverage

This technology can monitor large spaces effectively, providing high-resolution imaging and real-time surveillance of multiple individuals.

Pinpoint AI Accuracy

It excels in detecting unconventional threats, including non-metallic and plastic-printed weapons, and improvised explosive devices.

Multi-Angle, Multi-View Layering

Utilizing deep learning AI, the system offers comprehensive coverage from various angles, enhancing detection accuracy while minimizing false alarms.

Indoor and Outdoor Operations

The system is versatile for both indoor and outdoor security, discreetly detecting threats in open spaces and sensitive areas up to 2,153 sq feet.

Autonomous, Cost-Effective Support

Operating independently, it minimizes the need for extensive manpower, thereby offering a cost-effective security solution.

Efficient High-Volume Traffic Management

The system effectively manages simultaneously up to 25,000 people per hour, maintaining robust security even during high traffic conditions.

Advanced Features

Recent advancements in security technology have led to highly sophisticated systems. These systems are not only efficient in threat detection but also versatile in their application across various environments.

Versatile Indoor and Outdoor Application

The design of this security solution enables its application in both indoor and outdoor settings. Its flexibility allows for discreet and effective threat detection in various environments, from corporate buildings to open public spaces. This adaptability broadens the scope of security, ensuring safety in areas where traditional surveillance methods might be less effective.

Comprehensive Area Coverage

This security solution is tailored for extensive spatial coverage, encompassing areas as large as 2,153 square feet. Its high-resolution, real-time imaging capabilities allow for simultaneous monitoring of numerous individuals, making it highly effective in densely populated spaces. This feature ensures a broad surveillance scope, crucial for maintaining security in large public venues or crowded events.

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