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Our services offer a wide range of solutions focused on security, privacy and trust. It includes private investigations, digital vulnerability assessments, high-security electronic devices, technical surveillance countermeasures, and employee trust verification. Designed to meet both personal and professional needs, these services ensure discretion, security and peace of mind in various environments.

Private Investigations (PI)


We offer discreet and comprehensive investigative solutions tailored to individual needs.

Specializing in gathering critical information and evidence, our team of experienced professionals employs advanced surveillance techniques, background checks, and digital forensics.

Whether it's for personal matters, legal cases, or business inquiries, our service ensures thorough and confidential investigations, providing clients with the insights and evidence they need to make informed decisions or resolve complex situations.

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High Security Electronic Devices

Product Exclusive

Our high-security product line features a range of protection and privacy-focused devices, including laptops and smartphones, all running a Linux-based operating system. 

These devices are designed under fundamental principles of user freedom, privacy and security. Additionally, these products may include a privacy-focused cellular plan and a suite of secure digital communication services.

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Household Staffing Trust Clearance


Our specialist service offers a comprehensive framework for vetting domestic staff, including maintenance, cleaning, nannies, drivers and escorts. Designed for homes looking to ensure safety and reliability, it includes comprehensive background checks, personal data verification, socioeconomic analysis and psychometric assessments. 

This service uses advanced analytics to evaluate potential risks, both online and in-person, ensuring that the staff maintain the highest levels of integrity and reliability. Ideal for families and individuals who prioritize a safe and secure home environment.

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Digital Vulnerability Assessment (DVA)


Our premium service provides a comprehensive evaluation of your digital footprint and security posture and personal data exposure.

This service is designed to identify potential vulnerabilities in your online presence, including social media, email accounts, and other digital platforms. Our team of cybersecurity experts uses advanced techniques to assess risks like data breaches, identity theft, and unauthorized access. We also analyze your digital behavior to recommend best practices for enhancing online privacy and security. 

The service includes a detailed report with actionable insights, ensuring you have the necessary tools to safeguard your personal information in the digital realm.

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Comprehensive Digital Reputation Monitoring


This service for high-profile personalities and executives is meticulously designed to not only safeguard but also enhance public image.

Integra la Evaluación de Vulnerabilidad (DVA) con monitoreo It integrates the Vulnerability Assessment (DVA) with media monitoring, as well as investigation of contact profiles, for a continuous evaluation of impact and liability due to linkage. This solution focuses on identifying and mitigating risks arising from meetings and events, as well as online activity, while helping to manage and mitigate political and social threats. 

By identifying potential risks and recommending strategies to improve privacy and reputation, public perception is preserved and reinforced. Furthermore, in-depth analysis of contacts and links ensures a comprehensive approach, crucial to maintaining and improving public image.

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Personal Services

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