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At BP Tech Solutions, we specialize in advanced technological solutions for the Government and Defense sector. Our offerings are tailored to improve intelligence, operational efficiency, and security management. With state-of-the-art technology and analytics, we provide systems that meet the complex needs of modern governance and defense. Our focus is on delivering precision, reliability, and strategic value, ensuring effective decision-making and operational success.

Central Intelligence Management System (CIMS)

Solution Exclusive

This solution encompasses a task-oriented integration of architecture and technologies into a high-performance platform utilizing graph intelligence to analyze extensive data from various sources. 

It's engineered for complex scenarios like link and network detection, incorporating temporal and geographic analysis. Key features include CDR processing, single-tenant cloud computing, and advanced analysis models for diverse intelligence applications. 

Its user-friendly interface, coupled with quick query capabilities and robust analytics, makes it a strategic asset for revealing intricate data connections, essential for informed decision-making in security and defense contexts.

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Trust Clearance System (SCI)

Solution Exclusive

Leveraging our exclusive Trust System (SCI), we introduce an unalterable solution meticulously crafted for rigorous internal affairs control and recruitment processes.

With a commitment to maintaining the highest standards of integrity and reliability, this 100% automated solution encompasses identity authentication, risk diagnosis, extensive background checks, and personal data verification, including socio-economic and psychometric evaluations for key personnel. Utilizing advanced analytics without any result alteration, it meticulously evaluates potential risks, making it indispensable for security and protection of personnel, preserving an environment of unparalleled trust and productivity.

Whether in critical internal affairs, selection, or recruitment processes, our solution remains fully automated, ensuring unwavering accuracy and reliability throughout.

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Signal and Surface Reconnaissance and Monitoring


This particular integration for the Government and Defense sector, not only enables advanced aerial surveillance and signal detection but also facilitates in-depth insights of the collected data for strategic insights and analysis within intelligence platforms.

Ideal for rescue, intelligence and reconnaissance operations, this solution offers a comprehensive approach to security, combining UAS technology, mobile signal interception, and sophisticated data analysis tools. Extensive training and operational support ensure this system is effectively utilized for intelligence gathering and decision-making processes.

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Patrimonial and Financial Intelligence System (SIPaF)

Solution Exclusive

The solution, designed for subnational governments, is a sophisticated platform designed to improve financial supervision, delivery of social benefits and combat payment evasion. 

Leveraging graph intelligence, it analyzes vast amounts of data to reveal complex financial networks and hidden links. By offering real-time information and event management, it is an expert in detecting patterns of evasion. Additionally, the system uses advanced data models to build detailed taxpayer profiles, helping to perform comprehensive financial analysis. 

With an intuitive interface and fast data processing, it is essential for focused audits and effective financial decision-making to improve revenue collection and detect irregular activities.

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Advanced Government Suppliers Certification

Solution Exclusive

Is an in-depth service combining our Comprehensive Trust Clearance System with advanced business verification techniques. 

This service is crucial for verifying the legitimacy and financial health of companies aspiring to secure government contracts. It entails extensive background checks of the company and key personnel, using sophisticated analytics to assess risks. By providing real-time alerts and predictive analysis of business data, including ownership structures and financial stability, this certification ensures that government suppliers adhere to the highest standards of integrity and reliability.

This comprehensive approach is key to maintaining secure and trustworthy procurement for government operations.

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