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At BP Tech Solutions, we understand the critical importance of sound decision-making and trust in the financial sector. Our suite of cutting-edge solutions is designed to empower financial institutions with the tools and insights needed to thrive in a dynamic landscape. From robust data analytics to comprehensive security measures, we are your strategic partner in achieving excellence and success in the world of finance.


Financial Intelligence Platform (SIF)


Leveraging our advanced intelligence management capabilities, this solution is tailor-made for the financial services sector, specifically addressing the challenges of anti-money laundering and risk management.

It offers a comprehensive platform to support investigations and operations, integrating advanced graphical intelligence for the analysis of complex networks crucial in combating financial crime. This specialized system excels in uncovering connections within data, including temporal and geographic elements, essential for tracking activities and networks. 

Its intuitive interface, coupled with rapid processing and in-depth analysis, equips financial institutions, such as banks and insurance companies, with the insights needed for thorough investigations and strategic decision-making in the context of anti-money laundering and financial fraud.

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Institutional Trust Clearance (SCI)

Solution Exclusive

Our Institutional Trust Clearance solution, powered by SCI, offers financial institutions a comprehensive system for robust internal affairs control and meticulous recruitment procedures.

This exclusive solution encompasses identity authentication, rigorous risk assessment, thorough background checks, and comprehensive personal data verification, including socio-economic and psychometric evaluations for key personnel. Leveraging advanced analytics, it assesses potential risks, guaranteeing the utmost integrity and reliability among staff involved in critical operations.

This solution is indispensable for financial institutions aiming to foster an environment of trust and reliability, especially in the realm of internal affairs, selection, and recruitment processes.

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Address Verification and Scoring (AddScore®)

Service Exclusive

Our AddScore service utilizes vast amounts of smart devices' location data to enhance the verification and scoring processes for credit applicants. By analyzing physical, registry, and digital presence, this service provides a deeper understanding of applicant reliability. It offers detailed historical analysis of specific locations and devices, enriched with registry data and physical location, enabling comprehensive analysis and score of the declared home address.

This invaluable tool aids financial institutions in making proactive and well-informed credit decisions, ensuring the reliability and accuracy of applicant information.

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Automated Background-Checks


Tailored for the financial services sector, including credit issuers and insurance companies, our automated Background Checks service streamlines the evaluation process.

By analyzing criminal, employment, educational, and credit histories, this automated solution generates comprehensive reports for each individual. Ideal for assessing potential clients, policyholders, and credit applicants, the service ensures an agile and efficient way to obtain detailed digital reports. These reports are crucial for making well-informed decisions in various professional and financial contexts, providing a valuable tool for risk assessment and decision-making within the financial industry.

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Debtor Location Services

Service Exclusive

Empowered by our Advanced Intelligence Unit (UAI), we offer a tailored solution designed specifically for the financial sector.

Our multidisciplinary team excels in sophisticated data integration, analysis, and investigation from different sources, harnessing advanced techniques such as data mining, pattern recognition, and predictive analytics. This comprehensive service not only efficiently locates debtors but also streamlines administrative and legal notifications, significantly reducing costs compared to conventional methods. By ensuring a seamless process for debt recovery and legal compliance within the financial industry, we empower financial institutions to optimize their debtor management strategies.

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Self-Vetting Solution for Credit Applications (SCI)

Service Exclusive

This innovative service offers a single, all-encompassing framework that ensures robust Know Your Customer (KYC), Anti-Money Laundering (AML), and thorough financial situation assessments for both personal and company credit applications.

Our solution is meticulously designed to meet the stringent requirements of financial institutions aiming to enhance their safety protocols for customers and operations. It encompasses extensive background checks, rigorous personal data verification, socio-economic evaluations, and credit score assessments for applicants, guaranteeing a comprehensive vetting process. 

This groundbreaking service is indispensable for financial institutions dedicated to safeguarding their operations, fostering an environment of trust and maintaining a healthy client portfolio.

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