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At BP Tech Solutions, we provide a range of specialized solutions for law enforcement and criminal investigations. Our offerings include advanced systems for criminal case analysis, contraband detection, digital forensics, and intelligence gathering. These solutions, equipped with the latest technology, are designed to enhance investigative capabilities, operational planning, and internal security measures. 

Our focus is on delivering comprehensive, efficient tools for modern operations.

Criminal Investigations Intelligence System (CIIS)

Solution Exclusive

Based on our intelligence management capabilities, it offers a comprehensive platform to support investigations and operations. 

It integrates advanced graphical intelligence to analyze complex networks, crucial for the analysis of criminal cases. This system specializes in discovering connections between data, including temporal and geographic elements, which is key to tracking criminal activities and networks. Key features such as CDR processing and cloud computing enable deep analysis and secure data handling. 

Its intuitive interface, combined with fast processing and detailed analysis, provides law enforcement agencies with the insights necessary for thorough investigations and strategic decision making in law enforcement contexts.

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Institutional Trust Clearance (SCI)

Solution Exclusive

Is a comprehensive system designed for rigorous internal affairs control and stringent recruitment.

It includes identity authentication, risk diagnosis, extensive background checks, and personal data verification, including socio-economic and psychometric evaluation for key personnel. Advanced analytics assess potential risks, ensuring high integrity and reliability among staff involved in sensitive operations. 

This solution is essential for law enforcement and public security institutions striving to maintain an environment of trust and reliability, particularly in critical internal affairs, selection and recruitment processes.

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Advanced Open Intelligence Delivery (OSInt)


This specialized solution offers a robust approach based on new technologies for intelligence collection and analysis. 

It combines in-depth data services with the precision of location analysis from open sources. It focuses on collecting, verifying and analyzing a large amount of data from various sources, ensuring broad integration of conventional and alternative information. This is particularly useful for exhaustive background checks, detailed criminal investigations, or those that, due to their characteristics, benefit from incorporating other sources and methods in a quick and verifiable manner. 

In particular, the use of location data provides valuable information on presence and movement, which improves the ability of agencies to establish and sustain lines of investigation, as well as use actionable information in various operational scenarios.

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Enhanced Contraband Detection

Solution Exclusive

This is a sophisticated system for law enforcement focused on disrupting illegal gun and narcotics trafficking. 

It integrates advanced location data analysis for operations planning, enhancing the timing and randomization of location. This system processes extensive smart device location data, offering insights into population movements and behavior patterns. 

Combined with the Handheld X-Ray Backscatter Imaging System and the portable Narcotics and Explosives Analyzer for field agents, the solution provides a multifaceted approach to detection, enabling law enforcement to effectively target and intercept illegal activities with improved operational planning and execution.

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Device Forensic Analysis


This solution provides a robust and in-depth approach for analyzing electronic devices in criminal investigations. 

This service is specifically tailored for law enforcement, offering advanced capabilities to extract, decode, and analyze data from a wide array of devices such as smartphones, drones, IoT devices, computers, and wearables. This service applies sophisticated analysis tools for deep forensic examination and efficient data export, ensuring thorough and secure investigations. 

It's instrumental in uncovering vital digital evidence, aiding law enforcement agencies in piecing together digital footprints and solving complex criminal cases with precision and efficiency.

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Signal Detection Systems (SIGInt)


Comprehensive set of cutting-edge tools designed to improve the effectiveness of ground law enforcement operations for exclusive use by authorized government entities.

It consists of advanced and highly portable devices, dedicated to the precise and efficient location of mobile devices using state-of-the-art geolocation technologies. Due to its compact and mobile nature, it allows for rapid deployment in various operational contexts, ensuring agents to quickly respond and adapt to dynamic situations. 

The system's advanced features, including automated mass mapping and geofencing, give law enforcement a crucial advantage in tracking and intelligence gathering, making it an indispensable asset.

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